Set of 3 Ankle Length Compression Socks

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School Bus Ankle Length Endurance Socks (Size): L
Shadow Ankle Length Endurance Socks (Size): M
Snow Mist Ankle Length Endurance Socks (Size): M

Our breathable cotton, medical-grade compression socks (25-30 mmhg) eliminate muscle fatigue, swelling and cramping from daily rides. These socks have gradually reduced compression, so the compression is tightest at the ankle, ensuring optimal blood flow back to the heart.


Apart from riding, these ankle length socks are ideal for all sports activities, such as running, marathons, CrossFit, triathlon, football or skiing. They are also ideal for air travel, recovering from injuries or surgery, and extended periods of standing.

Customer Reviews

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Great purchase!

the best pair of socks i have in my collection untill now!

Swagat Bhowmik
Awesome purchase

So, this pair of socks is not your regular go-to cotton ones. Yet they are very comfortable, and not pain inducing in any way. It's quite unobtrusive on rides - long/short, but how about a daily wear? To test this, I wore the socks to my office for a whole day. I returned home without a hiccup. On the downside, there was impression of the elastic on my calf, but that's normal with any socks in my opinion. Overall, it is a great purchase. I would want to own a few more in the near future.

ajay nautiyal

damn cool


Great grip and fit.

Shivkiran Thakur
Good product

Very nice compression, but due to high spandex it's bit slippery and foot sweats more as compared to cotton socks also the lenght of the socks could have been few inches more