Who we are

We’re a group of riders 🏍️, innovators 💡 ,
coffee-drinkers ☕ and designers who believe that riders are defined by skill and not the size of their bikes.

We strive to enable passionate riders with best in class products, with performance materials and designs that set them apart ⚡⚡.

We create world-class 🌏 products, stubbornly made in India 🇮🇳

Alpana Parida

I am thinking like a young man. Very few brands address them 🚶

Jagpreet Singh Sandhu

We are building motorcycle helmets. I repeat. We are building motorcycle helmets 🤖

Sid Shetty

Did you know that a helmet has 42 components? 🤔

Vashisth Sukhija

Two wheels, endless thrills and love for the open road 🛣

Kanan Parida

From corporate suits to race suits, definitely the right progression 🏁

Utsav Jain

There are only a few people designing motorcycle helmets from scratch in India. We are those people 🔩

Mark Fernandes

Lean more, otherwise what's the point of it all? 🏍

Akhil Pradeep

Everyday is a good day for a ride.
- Gandhi 👓

Nilesh Mali

Lightweight, just like our helmets 😉🪶

Gurucharan Ramachandran

I wasn't a rider in the past, but can't say the same about the future! 🥲

Juhi Mandloi

Each rider story inspires us to be better ✨

Adith Harikumar

'Fueling' the passion that brings riders together⛽

Manya Malhotra

On a mission to turn heads while protecting them 📸

Urmi Bandyopadhyay

Filming so fast that nobody misses out on the cool stuff 📹

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Our Journey 💪


The Right Team 🤝


Plastic vs. Composite Fiber

Founders' corner


Introducing Buzzy Noir, the perfect partner for your urban escapades.


It's time to #NeverTakeItOff Helmets so light, they become a part of you ⚡️


Tiivra in Action! 🏁


Lovin my @tiivra helmet