Super Strong & Ultra Light

All polycarbonate helmets are tested at low speeds of less than 20 KM/H, be it ECE, ISI, or DOT. Plastic caves in at the point of impact, leading to serious head injuries. Composite fiber dissipates impact across the shell saving the brain and its container. Apart from being able to withstand higher impact, composite fiber is also lighter than plastic, making it the obvious choice for pros and for Tiivra.

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drag coefficient

Our CFD test was done at 140 KM/H - Tiivra helmets have a very low drag coefficient, which means that they cut through air and prevent neck fatigue even at higher speeds


grams in weight*

Light in weight but heavy in performance.
*For our small and medium-sized helmets

Know your Helmet

Composite Fiber Shell

Composite Fiber Shell (Glass, Carbon, or Carbon-Kevlar) that absorbs impact and spreads energy over a larger surface area to minimize the effect of impact. With ECE certification requirements stating 6-8 mm shell thickness, our shell, at 2mm thick, are lighter, thinner, and far exceed ECE standards.

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Hi-Performance/Hi-Density EPS

Higher the density, higher the shock absorption capability and more protected the head in case of impact, coupled with our perfectly aligned airflow channels.

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Double D-Ring for enhanced safety

Double D-Rings are compulsory for all track riders for a reason. Ratchets, magnets, and other clasps are not safe enough. Double D rings ensure that they are always fastened tight. So, no compromises here.

Hear what our riders say

Ninety Nine Pilot
I could feel the difference the time I switched to TIIVRA. This helmet grabs the attention every biker needs.
Yazin Mohammed
The helmet is made out of composite fiber material. For that reason, the helmet is very light weight, making it very comfortable to use.
Sudhanshu Oak
I've been riding with this helmet all summer and I can assure you the ventilation system on this actually works and it will cool your head down once you start moving.
Heatseeker Jersey
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Heatseeker JerseyHeatseeker Jersey
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