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Warranty and Returns

Returns policy

Returns of your product will be accepted within 15 days from the date of delivery of the product. 

In case of any product defects or damage, you can write to us at connect@tiivra.com or on WhatsApp at 9920884472 and share photos of the issues. 

If you want to exchange the product, we will schedule a return, conduct a quality check and then ship you a new piece. This could take 1-2 weeks.

In case of returns, your refund will be processed after a thorough quality check at our end. This could take up to 5 business days.

If you got it as a freebie, you can’t return it.

For any more queries, you can contact us at connect@tiivra.com or on WhatsApp at 9920884472


Helmet warranty

At Tiivra, we ensure that every helmet is crafted to precision. However, in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, we have you covered. All Tiivra helmets carry a warranty of 1 year from the date of delivery. 

Incase of such an event, we’d like to know about it. You can share your claim with us at connect@tiivra.com with your invoice number in the subject line.

We like to ride and explore. While doing so, the helmet obviously goes through a LOT of excitement but also some stress. Do remember - if your helmet undergoes a crash - WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT USE IT ANYMORE. A crash can create fault lines that may later break on a second impact.

Any modification made to the helmet - including the use of stickers or paint to the helmet will render the warranty null and void. The warranty does not cover any plastic parts, paints or decals, or internal liners. However, in case of any damage to plastic parts, you can buy spares on the website.

We know that you will ride and explore with this helmet and there will be some wear and tear. If there is no crash and the helmet needs to be refurbished, we will do our best  to replace and / or repair parts as needed.

Please see the section below on how such an evaluation can be made by us.


Repairs and Damages

We love our helmets and we are sure you do too. We would be happy to assist you incase there is any damage to the helmet that isn’t covered by the warranty. The cost of this will however have to be borne by you. Please write to us at connect@tiivra.com with the invoice number in the subject line. Do add any images or videos of the part that needs to be repaired for our reference. If it’s a repairable damage, we’ll do our very best to fix it