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only good for buckets

Less than 1% of the world's helmets are made from composite fiber. Plastic is easy to scale and mass-produce but it compromises on the safety of riders, caving in on impact. Composite fiber is the obvious choice for pros.

💪 Plastic vs. Composite Fiber

Design with meaning

The Mask That Reveals

Most helmet designs borrow from the racing world. We created AlterEgos that represent the distinct rider personalities we have met or represent ourselves.

🖌️ Design practices at Tiivra


The most invisible on the road

Most helmets have a white or black base coat. White washes out in daylight and black is invisible at night. Our Hi-Viz gold stands out day or night.

Exclusive with Nippon Paints

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Introducing Buzzy Noir, the perfect partner for your urban escapades.


It's time to #NeverTakeItOff Helmets so light, they become a part of you ⚡️


Tiivra in Action! 🏁


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